Eric Tourneret



Photos by Éric TOURNERET
Written by Sylla DE SAINT-PIERRE
Preface by Jean-Claude AMEISEN

Éditions Hozhoni
Parution : 17 septembre 2015 – 350 pages
Format : 29 cm x 31 cm


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Photos by Éric TOURNERET
Written by Nicolas GÉANT

Éditions Agrément
April 2011 – 96 pages
Format : 21 cm x 14,85 cm
ISBN : 9782953816006

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Book Cueilleurs de miel

Photos by Éric TOURNERET
Written by Sylla DE SAINT-PIERRE
Preface by Pierre RABHI

Éditions Rustica
November 2009 – 240 pages
Format : 24 cm x 32 cm
ISBN-10: 2840389509
ISBN-13: 978-2840389507

His book “Cueilleurs de miel” (The Honey Gatherers, Rustica, 2009), widens the theme to man’s global relationship with the bee – primitive honey hunting tradition in Nepal, industrial pollination in the U.S., and urban beekeeping on the roof of the Paris opera. While large format photos from the books continue to be exhibited throughout France, Tourneret has turned his fascination to television documentary as well as film.

Book Le peuple des abeilles

Preface by Hubert Reeves, astrophysicien, président de la Ligne R.O.C. pour la préservation de la faune sauvage

Eric Tourneret turned to photographing the bees and their keepers intimately and passionately – a subject that has absorbed him for over eleven years. Excruciatingly patient labor (one shot took a week and 4,500 shutter releases) produced the exquisite photo book Le peuple des abeilles (The People of the Bees, Rustica, 2007).

Éditions Rustica
November 2007 – 240 pages
Format : 24 cm x 32 cm


Eric Tourneret


Eric Tourneret

Who am I?

I am a freelance photographer since 1989 and I live in the Ardèche in France. After having worked twenty years for the magazine press, I began, in 2004, an in-depth work about the bee and beekeeping in France.

In 2007, I expanded my work on the bees to a worldwide dimension, focussing on the relationship between Man and the bee, from the harvesting of wild honey to industrial and commercial apiculture. Between different peoples, cultures and environments, my reporting led me to Nepal, Cameroon, Russia, Argentina, Mexico, New Zealand, the United States, Romania and to Paris for urban beekeeping.

Since then, I have taken my project forward along three axes:

— the emerging countries of India, Ethiopia, Brazil, China;

— the great capitals of the world, encompassing New York, London, Berlin, Hong-Kong;

— the beautiful beekeeping traditions in Australia, Germany and Slovenia.